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Monday, June 28, 2010

What’s the Deal With the Billboards?

So in 1985, a county-wide vote passed a law against having signage of the east side of I-95 in the downtown area. And yet we have signs everywhere in that area—what’s the deal?

Hal F.B. Birchfield remembers that in January 2009 he received a letter from Mr. Sam Walthour, who pointed out an interesting county code. In the letter, Mr. Walthour wrote: “In addition, the county has brought it to the city’s attention that the billboard (the one at the police station they almost finished) is within the required 600 foot protected area of the expressway required by county code.” The rest of the letter is above.

Why is the law being ignored? Can anything be done about the eyesores in our community, the billboards being passed off as “murals”?

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