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Monday, June 7, 2010

Planned Media Towers along Biscayne Boulevard (Excerpt from the Florida Business journal)

“The electronic billboards planned for a garage next to downtown Miami’s performing arts center would be the equivalent of 25 and 35 stories tall, according to Edie Laquer, the developer’s spokeswoman. Some early reports had described the towers as 20 stories tall atop an eight-story garage.

On June 2, the spokeswoman said both would sit atop a 100-foot-high garage, which would bring the tops to 35 and 45 stories above street level, based on 10 feet per story.

Some residents oppose developer Mark Siffin’s idea.

‘Mr. Siffin made a bad bargain at the height of the real estate market, and now cannot make anything work in the property without placing completely inappropriate large, garish, brightly lit advertisements in the middle of our developing arts and residential district,’ area resident Barbara Bisno said in a letter to a county commissioner. ‘Are we all to suffer so he can complete his contract for sale?’”

“Siffin does not own the site where the project would be built. He has a $190 million contract with McClatchy Co. to buy a roughly 10-acre site that includes the garage parcel. The developer has given McClatchy $16 million so far toward the purchase. The overall City Square project includes the garage and a 640,000-square-foot retail complex.”

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