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Friday, April 2, 2010

"Miami Today" on Miami River

"Miami Today's" headline said that "Miami, marine industry seek compromise on Miami River's future":

The newly proposed compromise aims to "create an active and vibrant riverfront through mixed-uses," preserve recreational and commercial working waterfronts, allow flexibility in compatible uses, stimulate economic growth and promote viable marine uses, according to her presentation.

The new version would put the word "port" back into the comprehensive plan, addressing one of the more controversial lingering river issues.

But, it would take the river element out of the ports section of the plan and put it under the Coastal Management Element.

The marine industry takes issue with the move, says attorney Andrew Dickman, who represents the Miami River Marine Group.

Mr Dickman said:

The industry isn't opposed to the concept of setting up criteria and a procedure for land-use changes, so long as there's "no net loss" to industrial properties.

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  1. It's hard to believe that the marine industry on the river is still having to defend itself after 6 years of harassment from developers and the City. The Planning Director's emphasis on "flexibility" for the river's land use is code for residential development. Mayor Regalado has been supportive, however, so there is still hope for jobs for the future in the river's marine industry. Thanks for writing about this.