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Monday, April 19, 2010

Is the public process gone in Tallahassee?

Senate Bill 6, 'The Teachers Bill', was rammed through the legislature with little input from the public even though it would create massive changes in our State.

The Urban Environment League supports the public's participation in their government. Had the public been a part of the process, the bill could have been amended to work for all. Instead it has become a divisive issue.

The sunset of the Department of Community Affairs is an issue in the legislature that the UEL is watching. We believe the DCA performs an important function to protect and revitalize neighborhoods, prevent sprawl and foster sound planning practices. Our members have long supported the State Agency in charge of smart growth and Comprehensive Master Plan Development and we would not be in favor the 'sunset' of the DCA. We have been impressed with the current Secretary, Tom Pelham, who says:

The Department ensures that new growth complies with the state's vital growth management laws, while also helping established communities revitalize their older or traditional neighborhoods.

Hear an NPR radio broadcast/interview with Tom Pelham as guest, from 2008.

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