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Thursday, April 15, 2010

County Commission Committee Discusses Charter Changes

The County Commission, having rejected the majority of changes proposed by the Charter Committee a couple of years ago is proposing THEIR OWN charter changes including a salary increase. This will be the 12 time they have asked the voters to increase their salary according to Miami Today.

The Commission also wants to wrestle some power from the Mayor, now that they believe he is unpopular with the public for the Marlins Stadium vote and giving raises to his staff. Miami Today said:

Commissioners Barbara Jordan and Carlos Gimenez each proposed ballot items that would return executive authority to the commission, Mr. Gimenez's immediately and Ms. Jordan's in 2012 when Mayor Alvarez's final term ends.

The question is: Does the public want the County Commission to have more power? The issue would have to be voted on by the electorate as this is a charter change.

The full commission will decide whether these issues make the ballot as there was not a vote in committee.

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