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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Hold the Line Vote is Today. By Fran Bohnsack

The Urban Environment League is a member of Hold the Line. We agree with the Miami Herald Editorial that said: "The Commission sacrifices public good for private gain."

I will be representing the UEL at the County Commission meeting today, echoing the concerns raised in the Miami Herald:

"How many public officials and independent authorities have told the Miami-Dade County Commission that moving the Urban Development Boundary would open the floodgates to westward expansion for no good reason?

Five. The Florida Cabinet. The state Department of Community Affairs. The South Florida Water Management District. Florida Administrative Hearing Judge Bram D.E. Canter. County Mayor Carlos Alvarez.

Add to that list the county's own planning and zoning department experts and many, many Miami-Dade residents. They are tired of sprawl and the traffic gridlock and crowded classrooms that reckless, unplanned development generates without paying for the services it needs."

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