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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Miami Museum of Art Funding in Jeopardy

Miami New Times: Terrance Riley says he resigned when he realized the building on the bay would take longer than he had originally anticipated.

"Under ideal circumstances I would have stayed and seen the project through, but from any objective perspective, it's more complex politically than virtually any other project I'm aware of."

What made the circumstances "not ideal"? Here's part of what the story finds out: For starters, there's the money. The county manager reported two weeks ago that only $30 million have been raised for the construction of the new building, not $45 million like the museum had said before. Half of that is in pledges that may not materialize.

In other cities, trustees might have come to Riley's aid. But, some trustees were dubious of his reputation from the beginning.

Nine trustees left the MAM board in two years.

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