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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Homestead Row-Farmer CEO Speaks Out

The UEL supports our Agriculture industry and preserving what little contiguous farmland we have left in Miami Dade County.

Our County farmers have lost $286 Million due to the cold snap. "Miami Today" conducted an interview with tomato grower, Georgetown Educated, Paul DiMare - CEO of DiMare Fresh. DiMare says that fields dedicated tomato growing has shrunk from 50,000 acres to 2,500 acres today in Miami Dade County. He blames NAFTA for the decline of farming in Florida. He said NAFTA sent 500,000 jobs out the door. He said we had a $5 billion dollar trade surplus. Within a couple of years we are left with a $25 billion trade deficit. DiMare says the main population for pickers is of Mexican heritage. He proposes an immigation policy like other countries have, for workforce people. He says wages for field workers are about $12.50 to $13 per hour but he can't find U.S. residents who want to do that work.

Here is last week's video interview with Mr. DiMare.

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