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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Federal Judge Impatient on Everglades Cleanup

Chief U.S. District Judge Federico Moreno, according to the Miami Herald, "made it clear Tuesday that his patience was nearing an end -- both with delays in the controversial land deal and the glacial pace of the cleanup."

And Judge Moreno said:

"When is it ever going to end? I guess `When is it ever going to begin?' is the better question.''
The judge said he would issue rulings later on pending motions, some of which he had put on hold while the South Florida Water Management District pursued a land deal with the U.S. Sugar Corp

The Urban Environment League is a member of the Everglades Coalition, "an alliance of 53 local, state and national conservation and environmental organizations dedicated to full restoration of the greater Everglades ecosystem, from the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes into Lake Okeechobee, through the "River of Grass", out to Florida Bay and the Keys. Through consensus the Everglades Coalition is dedicated to:

* Advocating for the restoration, protection and enhancement of the greater Everglades ecosystem;
* Supporting and providing education and public understanding regarding all aspects of the Everglades ecosystem;
* Supporting and sponsoring research in the protection, restoration and enhancement of the Everglades ecosystem;
* Facilitating the coordination of information resources, strategies and efforts among Everglades Coalition members."

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