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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Take Action at City Commission Meeting April 21st.

Take Action Now

The Miami City Commission meets this Thursday, April 21, to consider an emergency billboard ordinance amendment (to be adopted on one reading) and two resolutions which favor more billboards in Miami.

The “emergency” cited is a pending state bill which limits the city to no more than a $500 permit fee for any outdoor advertisement, including billboards, murals and “media towers.”

The resolutions favor one billboard company, allowing it to take down one billboard to get a new one, instead of 4/1 or 2/1 as now required.

Please let the Commissioners know you oppose this ordinance and these resolutions by taking action today, For more information and to take action go to Scenic America.

These matters were originally considered by the Miami City Commission on April 14. Commissioner Frank Carollo stopped the vote on 4/14. For an analysis of the discussion on April 14, please see the attached letter by Grace Solares, long time activist in the Roads neighborhood (slated for a billboard pursuant to the proposed ordinance), president of Miami Neighborhoods United and vice president of the Roads neighborhood association.

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