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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

April 14th City of Miami Commission Meeting - Call to Action

Dear Friends:

This is a call to action in regard to a new billboard ordinance and two resolutions coming before Miami City Commission this Thursday April 14 either in late morning or early afternoon.

Here’s what we are asking that you do:

1) Go to Scenic Miami Dade and then click “take action.” You can add to the message we have up on the web – we have provided a short message: “stop adding billboards in Miami.” Your message will go to City officials as well as County commissioners because we are also gearing to fight an ordinance proposed by Bruno Barreiro to let cities opt out of the County sign ordinance – which means the city could then do whatever it wants without fear of enforcement of the county ordinance which has many, many limitations on billboards. First hearing before County Commission committee is June 15 at 2:00 pm. More anon on that but please put it on your calendar. Please send this email to everyone in your network, including organizations and friends. We want the public officials flooded with emails.

2) We need people to speak at the Miami City Commission on Thursday, April 14. The ordinance consideration is a public hearing and we should mention resolutions at that time as well. Resolutions do not require public hearings and Chairman Gort may or may not allow public comment. I am leaving for a long ago scheduled trip on Wednesday, April 13. I will be sending an email raising the points below, but we need speakers to put them on the record. Please advise me ASAP if you can speak on Thursday April 14 in late morning or early afternoon.

Barbara K. Bisno
Scenic Miami, Inc.

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