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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

SB1570 was voted on yesterday.

SB1570 will end a 15 year old requirement that billboard companies pay for state owned trees destroyed along our roadways. The bill also reduces the current requirement to surrender TWO nonconforming billboard permits for each new billboard view zone created by chopping down our publicly owned trees on our right of way.

Billboard Regulations; Revises requirements for an application for a permit to remove, cut, or trim trees or vegetation around a sign. Requires that the application include a vegetation management plan, a mitigation contribution to a trust fund, or a combination of both. Requires the Department of Transportation to provide notice to the sign owner of beautification projects or vegetation planting. Creates the tourist-oriented commerce signs pilot program. Exempts commercial signs that meet certain criteria from permit requirements, etc.

It passed in committee 3 to 2.

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