Miami Dade County Community Forum

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The UEL Dinner on the Advertising Towers Near the Arsht Center

About 75 people attended the dinner forum on Economics vs. Visual Pollution: Mega Ad Towers and Public Media in Miami-Dade's Future.

Miami Dade County Commissioner Carlos Gimenez makes a point that media towers might have a place in downtown, the question is where are they appropriate. Gregory Bush, Moderator, looks on.

Mark Siffin listens as Dusty Melton makes a point about Miami Dade County signage law.

Gregory Bush, Mark Siffin and Eston "Dusty" Melton.


  1. I was there and Mark Siffin was the biggest name dropper I have ever accounted. What a snore he is. We get it Mark, you know a lot of people.

  2. Please make sure that in the future, the event is more carefully moderated. Dusty Melton went on...and on.....and on.....there were several people talking rather noisily in the audience. Someone needs to keep things moving so everyone-including all of the folks with questions-get a chance.

    Beyond that, I was flattered that Mark Siffin saw fit to bring in a busload of "supporters" to "balance" the evening. Another staged event in Miami.....

  3. The moderator really needs to take control of the event. Dusty Melton just went on.....and on....and on....a listener in the audience was talking very audibly. As a result, a number of folks did not get to ask questions.

    Also, the introduction by the moderator was a more critical of Mark Siffin than it should have been-assuming this is supposed to be an even handed forum.

    Finally, I'm very flattered that Mark Siffin appeared to bring in a bus load of supporters to "even out" the presumed bias of UEL members. Just for us? I actually wish some of these folks would attend all UEL events and then we might have some real dialogue between people with different view points. But no, like so many things in Miami, it becomes another staged event.

    I would have had more respect for Siffin if he just came-without his peanut gallery-and actually answered some questions.

  4. Name dropper? Yes.
    Boring? Mabye.

    But Siffin is definately a visionary.

    Furthermore, the project is going to be the best thing to hit Miami. Thank you for putting this program together. Before the program, I was apprehensive. Now, I can't wait for it to open.