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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Recall of Mayor Alvarez

The mayor contends that recalls are part of the Democratic process, but the Mayor will not stand by and watch a campaign of misinformation and opportunism unfold without putting up a fight.

The main reason people are clamoring for the recall is that Mayor Alvarez proposed a budget that raised taxes. He did not vote on the budget or approve it, the County Commissioners did that.

Mr. Norman Braman has financed the recall effort and recently submitted the required number of petitions, and then some, to recall the Mayor. The Mayor promptly filed a lawsuit questioning the assistant clerk's approval of the original petition form (the Clerk was required to sign according to the Mayor's attorneys and the Home Rule Charter. Harvey Ruvin, the clerk, said he could appoint someone to sign other than himself).

Alvarez contends that if something was done inappropriately – if the proper process wasn’t followed or if there was fraud involved in the collection of signatures he would like it to be known.

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