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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Proposed City of Miami Media Towers, Subject of UEL Dinner November 17th

Don't miss the discussion Wednesday, November 17th. We have a panel on both sides of the issue. Frank Rollason, UEL Board member, thinks the towers have merit to help the financially strapped city and he wrote a blog post here in favor of the towers on August 12th. Others are not so kind saying the light will be too bright from the towers and that they will be a garish addition to the Performing Arts Center area. Our panel will present both sides and let you decide. We have Dusty Melton, a consultant involved with billboards issues for years who will be arguing the legality issues of signage. The Developer Mark Siffin will make his case for the towers. County Commissioner Carlos Gimenez will round out our panel.

Hit on the invite below to enlarge it and reserve for the dinner today!

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