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Monday, August 30, 2010

The Miami Circle is starting on the road to becoming a park.

The Urban Environment League has been part of the coalition to save the Miami Circle since it all began around 1999, when archeologists examining the site found the 2,000 year old circular remains from might have been an early Tequesta Indian structure. The UEL held candlelight vigils at the site.

Many individual volunteers and groups have been working tirelessly to save the circle, among which were The Sierra Club, The Urban Environmental League, and Dade County Heritage Trust.

The work has begun to transform the 2.2 acre site into a park according to the Miami Herald:

Now, 11 years after taxpayers ponied up $27 million to save the archaeological relic from getting buried under a condo slab, earthmovers are finally at work transforming the 2.2-acre parcel into the city's newest -- and perhaps most resonant -- waterfront park.

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