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Friday, August 13, 2010

August 12th Candidate's Forum Report

(photo: candidate's forum at Pinecrest library, Danny Marmorstein standing)

A huge thanks to everyone who came out and heard from the District 8 candidate's for Katy's seat. We had a full house, and the candidates did an excellent job. Our moderator Matthew Haggman, assisted by Laura Reynolds, kept everything running smoothly and made his best effort to make sure everyone's questions were addressed.

Some of the hot issues of the forum were:
-Would you ever move the Urban Development Boundary?
-How do you feel about the new proposal to have advertising in the parks?
-Do you support the expansion of the Turkey Point nuclear plant? What about other alternative energy sources?
-How will you as a Commissioner support green development?
-Can we trust our commissioners to keep their promises? And how do we know we can trust that you'll keep yours?

Feel free to comment with your opinions on the forum

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  1. Thank you UEL and Tropical Audobon. The Forum was very interesting. My friend Annette Taddeo was thrilled to participate in the 2nd UEL forum. I think we earned support of many of the undecided voters at the forum.
    Thanks again,