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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Advertising in Parks is A Real Threat.

August 26 at 11 am the County Commission will decide whether to put the Charter Change allowing advertising in parks on the Ballot. Once that Citizen protection is off the parks, the County Commission can legislate more and more advertising, and loosen any rules they promise us without much oversight. Do we really want to start this ball rolling?

They are giving voters an either or scenario: Raise fees or else advertising.


  1. Gregory BushAugust 24, 2010

    The proposal is an affront to the memory of the recently deceased Dan Paul and a stupid idea that will denigrate one of the better county park systems in the nation. Don't trust the COunty commission to be sensitive to the beauty of our parks or the recreational needs of people. They are interested in favoring their campaign contributors. The only thing that might be worthwhile is that there would be a major advertising campaign in favor of the charter amendment paid for by advertising companies and the public might be aroused against them - affirming the value of the Charter amendment as stated. People should write their commissioners today to oppose this stupid idea.

  2. We all need a vacation from advertising which assaults us visually and sonically at every turn. If we turn on TV or radio we are blasted. If we go to a Movie multiplex and pay admission, we are still blasted. The illustration on the UEL blog is of an idyllic beach, whose enjoyment is what, is sold to tourists. If the picture with the ads is what they get instead, they will go elsewhere. There has to be some way or place to escape! Why not simply have parks without these ugly intrusive ads? I just returned from Iceland where billboards and intrusive ads are banned. It was absolutely beautiful and refreshing! It made me want to return. I don’t think it needs to be either ads or admission charges. The people have already paid for their beautiful parks with their bond issue money and taxes. Now we are told we must junk up the parks or rent them. It doesn’t seem fair or even good business sense to degrade the quality of our beautiful parks with UGLY ads. (Could someone read this note to the commission since I teach at that time?) Miami-Dade county resident and tax payer.