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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

UEL Board Member, Albert Harum-Alvarez is running for office!

We were surprised when we read it in the Miami Herald yesterday:

Now, more fresh faces are starting to pop up. For Sorenson's seat, they include Homestead businesswoman Pam Gray, Palmetto Bay Mayor Eugene Flinn and software-design consultant Albert Harum-Alvarez.

If you haven't heard of these people, it's not because they've been making themselves scarce. Harum-Alvarez, for example, has been active in a wide range of community issues for more than a decade. Among other things, he helped plan the concept for a downtown Kendall.


``I've been doing community work for free for 15 years,'' he says, ``so a $6,000 [commissioner's] salary would be a raise for me.''

Harum-Alvarez, who has yet to file the paperwork to run for Sorenson's seat, is joking, but he represents a serious reality: talented local leaders -- from municipal mayors to community activists -- rarely have a realistic shot at a county-wide platform.

We wish Albert well and the other candidates in the race.

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  1. I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed yesterday's program. Thank you Greg and Albert for organizing another successful program. As well as Fran and Jennifer for the invitation and FB invite, and to all of us for getting the word out in our capacity. I know it's a lot of work to organize a program, Sarah and I are realizing that as we put together our Energy Program in April.

    That was the most I've heard Mayor Regalado speak, and really felt like I understood him a lot more personally and professionally through Greg's excellent interview skills. Perhaps we can share our thoughts on the program at the next board meeting or on our blog. Overall, it's important to get to know the individuals who are leading our city.
    Thank you,