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Friday, February 26, 2010

Miami Dade Parks Summit - March 5th with a Free Lunch! By Barbara Falsey

I will be attending the Park Summit event at Fairchild -- it is always a good event so let friends and co-workers know about the Miami Dade County Park Summit. This year’s theme will be Partnerships/An Economic, Social and Environmental Health Plan.

Please be sure to RSVP to as their will be a continental breakfast and box lunch.

After the 8 to 2pm program you can spend the rest of the day at Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden.

The Miami Dade County Website says:

Miami-Dade County is facing the same population growth issues as many other metropolitan areas, a diminished quality of life, increased congestion, declining recreation and conservation open space, visual blight, limited transportation options and social inequities. With the population expected to increase by three million residents in the year 2025 and up to 4.5 million by 2060, additional pressure will be placed on an already stressed physical, social, and economic environment.

This Park and Open Space System Master Plan envisions that great parks, public spaces, natural and cultural areas, streets, greenways, blueways, and trails can form the framework for a more sustainable community. Such a plan for the public realm cannot be considered as an isolated system, but one that is integrated into the overall fabric of the community and one that will create the kind of place where residents want to live, employers want to do business, and tourists want to visit.

The goal of this Master Planning process is to “create a seamless, sustainable system of parks, recreation and conservation open spaces for this and future generations."

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  1. Thanks for letting everyone know about the Parks Summit. Miami-Dade County has the greatest opportunity to develop amazing public park space on Virginia Key in partnership with the City of Miami. It's the last great open space left to us and it's an environmental treasure, too. In fact, Miami Dade County's environmentally endangered lands program just completed a biological evaluation of the island. More info at
    Also on Facebook, hundreds have joined the Friends of Virginia Key group page.
    I hope they talk about Virginia Key's potential for parks at the Summit.