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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tomas Regalado at the UEL Dinner Last Night

Pictured: Mayor Tomas Regalado joined by daughter Raquel and son Jose Francisco.

About 75 people were in attendance for a delicious dinner at the Rusty Pelican to hear Tomas Regalado speak about his vision for Miami. The interview was informative and can be viewed soon on the UEL website. The Mayor spoke about his Pedro Pan background, arriving in 1962 at 14 years old. He said he was committed to restoring Marine Stadium and did not want a lot of development. He wanted to see a few restaurants. He advocates for the former comprehensive master plan language on the Miami River regarding water dependent uses. He talked about his frustration with coming into office simultaneous to two Commissioners being removed from office. He called it a Christmas present from Katherine Fernandez Rundle. He also said he is a big supporter of the Science Museum, having taken his son there many times over the years but he doubts that they can raise the money to finance the museum in Bicentennial Park. This led to a discussion on his recollection of the Adrienne Arsht Center funding, how it started out and then ballooned to a staggering amount over the years.


  1. An amazing dinner and discussion once again provided by the UEL!!

  2. So where's the vision for Miami? River, Museum Park, and Marine Stadium just won't cut it.

  3. More on his Virginia Key comments posted at

  4. I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed yesterday's program. Thank you Greg and Albert for organizing another successful program. As well as Fran and Jennifer for the invitation and FB invite, and to all of us for getting the word out in our capacity. I know it's a lot of work to organize a program, Sarah and I are realizing that as we put together our Energy Program in April.

    That was the most I've heard Mayor Regalado speak, and really felt like I understood him a lot more personally and professionally through Greg's excellent interview skills. Perhaps we can share our thoughts on the program at the next board meeting or on our blog. Overall, it's important to get to know the individuals who are leading our city.
    Thank you,

  5. Urban Environment LeagueFebruary 18, 2010

    That was not all that Mayor Regalado said. This is a capsule review of ONE writer. Look for the full video.

  6. It is NOT museum park. It is Bicentennial Park.

  7. Maybe a link to the UEL website? Please?



    The video is not up yet Rick.