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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

City Commissioner Sanchez requests date change for Miami 21

According to the Coconut Grove Grapevine a local Blog:

The public has been quite upset today after finding out that Mayor Manny Diaz called for a Miami 21 meeting early next month. Commission chairman Joe Sanchez issued a statement today urging the mayor to cancel the August 6 Miami 21 meeting party because of the outcry but also because there is a Commissioners workshop on the budget for next year, scheduled the same day.

"It is our mandate from the people to focus 100 percent on the budget crisis," said Comm. Sanchez in a letter to the mayor.

There were two budget workshops scheduled weeks ago by Sanchez's office so, unlike other years, when they go into budget meetings in September the Commissioners will be educated and knowledgeable about the budget issues and will have had a chance to ask hard questions of the administration, and will be able to knowledgably address the financial crisis that the City is in and deal with the out-of-control salaries and pensions. He considers that the highest priority.

In all reality, it was a slimy decision on the mayor's part to have a Miami 21 meeting in the dead of summer when many interested parties are out of town. On the other had, the Commissioners' budget workshops do not involve the public, the public budget meetings are in September when most people are back in town.

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