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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Andrew Georgiadis' Letter In Miami Herald on New Urbanism.

New urbanism is rooted
in old world tradition

Re the June 22 cover story Recession crimps some town center projects: I enjoyed Scott Andron's article. Well done! Just a small correction:

New urbanism does not eschew the traditional urban planning model. It embraces traditional urban planning. Rather, it rejects conventional urban planning. These terms are distinct and have quite different meanings in the planning profession. In fact, new urbanists use the term ''TND'' or ''Traditional Neighborhood Development'' to emphasize that the creation of pedestrian friendly, compact, mixed-use neighborhoods is part of a centuries-old tradition of city building that was interrupted in the Post WWII era by what has become conventional auto-dominated sprawl.

We'd like our movement to be associated with tradition, since it is derived from precedent and tradition, unlike sprawl, which was a relatively recent invention, and which is not traditional at all.

Andrew Georgiadis
Dover, Kohl & Partners,

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