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Monday, July 11, 2011

Scenic Miami Call to Action on Billboard Ordinance

Big Support: Norman Braman has written all County Commissioners in support of and opposing Comm Bruno Barreiro's legislation to let cities opt out completely of county sign ordinance; he also requested that Comm. Barreiro withdraw the legislation. (see letter also TAKE ACTION on this issue before Wednesday.)

Big Victory: Federal Highway Administration rebukes Miami for illegal mural ordinance (click on link at to see letter)

Big Coverage: Three articles in the Miami Herald in last week

Big Fight: Keep our County Sign Code intact.

Tell our City and County commissioners and adminstrators that we do not want cities writing their own billboard ticket (more Miami rogue ordinances??) Another city, West Miami, has bowed to the outdoor advertising industry and allowed a massive electronic LED digital billboard which blights that city as well as west Coral Gables.

We oppose Comm. Bruno Barreiro's legislation to let cities completely opt out of the County sign code.

The next vote is in the Infrastructure and Land Use Committee at 2 pm Wednesday July 13 at the Commission Chambers, Stephen P. Clark Center, 111 NW 1st Street, The Commissioners say they like to see people in the chamber so please attend this meeting and make your opinion known. Members: Chair Edmonson, Barreiro, Diaz, Jordan, Monestime, and Sosa.

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