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Friday, July 8, 2011

Emilie Young Posthumous Orchid Award

Emilie Young received a posthumous 2011 Orchid Award for Environmental Excellence:

Emilie Young’s commitment to preserving the natural heritage of South Florida is a model for all of us. Under her leadership, the County’s Environmentally Endangered Land Program
acquired and maintained nearly 18,000 acres of rockridge pineland, tropical hardwood
hammocks, freshwater and coastal wetlands. This legacy will forever remind us of her love of the natural world, her commitment to the future of this County, and her incredible skill at
negotiating a good deal for the County taxpayers. She will be missed.

Accepting the award is Cynthia Guerra Director of the County’s Environmentally Endangered Land Program. Former County Commissioner Katy Sorenson was on hand to present the award. Sonia Succar is also pictured.

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