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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tomorrow: Sixth Annual Orchids & Onions Award Presentation recognizes Miami's environmental movers & shakers.

On Wednesday, June 15, 2011, the Urban Environment League will host its sixth annual Orchids & Onions Award Presentation. This event has been widely acclaimed at recognizing individuals in the community who have been instrumental in initiating projects and campaigns which enhance Miami-Dade's natural and built environment.

The awards, which are given out as orchids, will recognize such individuals as Gary Milano of DERM and Harry Horgan of Shake a Leg, both who have made tremendous progress towards environmental restoration in South Florida. Other orchid recipients include transit blogger Tony Garcia, who co-founded Transit Miami, a website that has significantly elevated the discussion of transportation and alternative transit in South Florida, as well as the recently formed Scenic Miami coalition lead by Barbara Bisno & Dusty Melton, who have been instrumental in fighting the advertising and mural billboards propping up all over Miami.

Along with the many orchids that will be given out throughout the evening by UEL's board members and elected officials, a batch of onions will also be presented to individuals who have seriously affected the environment through backwards legislation and/or destructive projects in Miami. These onions include Governor Rick Scott and his recent undoing of Florida's Growth Management Laws and media developer Mark Siffin for his proposed LED media tower in downtown Miami.

The award presentation will take place at the recently opened downtown venue space, Villa 221 from 6-9pm.

To see the full list of award recipients and to find out more information about UEL, please visit

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