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Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Onions and Orchids Event.

The Onions and Orchids, Urban Environment League event, was a success. Almost 100 people came downtown to Villa 221 to watch the awards.

We will highlight some of the award winners, and post pictures from the event, here on the UEL blog, over the next few weeks. We wanted to start with a members of our Board of Directors, Tony Garcia:

Tony Garcia has been an instrumental force in opening up the dialogue of transit oriented issues in Miami-Dade through his blog and advocacy organization, Transit Miami. His activism runs deep as he promotes the importance of smart growth planning principles and effective transportation systems; Tony’s blog helps us to learn to avoid sprawl by developing compact, transit-oriented, walkable and bicycle-friendly neighborhoods. Tony is a young leader who values long term planning that will preserve our natural resources while enhancing the public health of Miami's residents. Transit Miami's motto of "Moving Forward, Faster" is certainly gaining speed with modern day conductors like Tony.

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