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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Subrata Basu Retires From County Planning for The Peace Corps.

The Urban Environment League wishes Subrata Basu well in the Peace Corps. He has played a role on UEL issues having to do with the UDB line for many years. He was the Assitant Planning Director in the County's Planning Department before he retired recently. Andres Viglucci reported:

Basu has championed the creation of denser, pedestrian-friendly centers inside the county’s urban boundary to improve quality of life and promote efficient use of land, while reducing pressure for building outside in the agricultural Redland.

But that’s a balance he says we have yet to achieve. Basu criticizes both those who promote unneeded development in agricultural areas and those who oppose every urban densification project.

“You can’t say no to both. But you cannot come up with a reasonable balance unless we can sit down and discuss it,’’ he said.

Though never afraid to speak his mind, Basu carried a soft stick as a planner and regulator, say residents and architects with whom he worked in the Gables, where he served as city architect for 15 years.

Subrata regularly attended UEL events and he is known to most of the UEL Board of Directors. His move to Belize will be their gain and our loss.

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