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Friday, March 11, 2011

Our Florida. Our Future

Our Florida. Our Future was recommended to us by a UEL member.

Our Florida. Our Future. is a multi-year effort to envision the future of Florida and includes three major thrusts: develop a scenario planning process, engage at least 4 million Floridians in this discussion, and support both the scenarios and the civic engagement efforts with appropriate research, data collection and policy papers.

Our goal: to create a dynamic global state with communities that are prosperous, healthy, just, neighborly and sustainable.

This project will help Floridians prepare for the future and increase the chances for a better quality of life. It will nourish a deliberative democracy that legitimizes the vision.

It will create a broad civic dialog around plausible visions of the future (scenarios), based on informed discussions across the state. These discussions will build relationships and organizations that will continue into the future and enable Floridians to guide their destinies.

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