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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sky Train Operational at Miami-Dade Airport

After many years, a few spent in Japan exercising the train because the tracks were not ready, the Sky Train at Miami-Dade airport is operational. Unfortunately, in the interim no one was trained to operate the train or fix the train that is operating in a one mile loop. An out of town workforce had to be hired to keep the train operational.

According to the Miami Herald:

The light-rail train is part of the 50-year-old airport's $6.4 billion upgrade project that began in 1998 -- years behind schedule, but nearing the end. Completion of the entire project is on target for next year, MIA spokesman Greg Chin said.

The Skytrain's debut was welcome news at the airport, which was ranked North America's least efficient by the University of British Columbia's Air Transport Research Society.

Miami Dade County offers tours of the airport, if you are inclined to go to the airport for a ride on the sky train you can also couple it with a 2 hour free tour (Monday to Friday only).

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