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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mr. Norman Braman Has Announced A Recall Effort Against Mayor Carlos Alvarez

Yesterday afternoon Car Dealer/Community Activist Norman Braman announced that he will finance a recall effort against Mayor Carlos Alvarez over the new budget, because, according to Brahman:

"This outrageous tax increase has been enacted while citizens are suffering economically, property values have crumbled, foreclosures are rampant and unemployment has reached almost 13 percent in our county."

Critics believe charter changes would be a better tonic for what ails the county, such as some at-large commissioners (to combat district colonialism) and term limits. For instance, former UEL President Nancy Liebman and others, formed a PAC a few years ago, called Eight in Enough to advance Term Limits on County Commissioners.

The Mayor has about two years left in his term. The Commissioners can serve as long as the voters return them to office. That has turned into a very long time.

Many at the UEL had hoped for long range changes. The Mayor's recall appears to many as a short term fix.

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