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Thursday, May 20, 2010

The UEL Dinner May 19th: District 8 Forum.

7 of the 8 candidates for the County Commission District 8 seat were at the UEL dinner last night and over 100 listeners were there to hear them. We now know how they stand on term limits, the strong mayor and other issues important to us all. We will be posting their photos tomorrow and the video will be on Youtube as soon as we can get it up there.

Here are the questions the candidates were given (there wasn't time for them all):

Questions may include:

1. Many planning studies have recommended that development - including higher density development - be concentrated along transit corridors. What is your approach to this issue and how would you balance local concerns with the demand for higher density? (Some of these studies can be found on the Department of Planning and Zoning web site.

2. Miami Dade has a long and proud history of agriculture - providing fresh produce to the nation during the winter. What do you think is the future of agriculture in the County? What policies would you recommend?

3. Despite the amount of rainfall we receive, the County is facing real problems with assuring potable water in the future. What do you perceive as the biggest problem with water supply? What policies would you support?

4. Many see redevelopment and higher density development as incompatible with neighborhood preservation and community identity. Do you agree? What policies would you support to move your ideas forward?

5. Miami Dade is sometimes viewed as an aggregate of fragmented communities and cities - rather than as a region with a common vision and goal. How do you see the relationship of cities and the County? What - if any - policies or programs would you support to overcome fragmentation?

6. At the moment, the County is facing serious fiscal challenges. Often governments respond by cutting vulnerable services such as park and recreation budgets and funding for maintenance of natural areas. What principles would you use to prioritize revenues and expenditures in the face of declining property tax revenues?

7. There is increased discussion of governance issues such as term limits, whether or not to retain a strong mayor - or to strengthen the role of the mayor; the need for additional commission districts - possibly including some at-large districts, the role - and independence - of advisory boards. What is your opinion of these issues?

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