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Thursday, May 6, 2010

LED Billboard Meeting last night at Arsht Center

The UEL has been opposed to the visual blight caused by the already existing billboards - legal and illegal ones now standing.

To allow a 220 ft. lit billboard is opening the door for a new type of outdoor sign element that will proliferate. When Siffen got approval for his project at the Boulevard shops, it was never considered as a site for rooftop signs. He said he wanted to put large indoor signs in the windows. The community (the Venetian Causway coalition) opposed that at the time. There is no "community good" to be gained by allowing the developer the "privilege" of adding a large lit billboard on the roof of the Historic Boulevard Shoppes. We believe that the preservation community would be outraged and the HEP Board would never allow it!

"Let Siffen build his project as proposed before he gets any type of new approvals" said UEL Former President Nancy Liebman, "I believe he has done nothing but neglect the property."

Instead of being about the subject at hand the development team turned the meeting last night into a circus.

There were hundreds of construction workers demonstrating for jobs and the workers were blindly signing petitions of support, knowing little about what they were supporting, focused only on the promise of jobs. Is this the future of our community? Will inflated job promises shape our City in a negative way?

There were some very powerful Lobbyists working for the Developer including Rosario Kennedy and Jeffrey Bercow.

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  1. AnonymousMay 08, 2010

    When a Nascar track was in the plan's for Staten Island,NY, The proposed builder and the trade unions bused in steel workers, construction worker's, and electrician's from all over the Tri-state area to shout down all the local home owner's during what was supposed to be a "community meeting".
    They should not be allowed to do this. Thank God they were not successful!