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Monday, January 25, 2010

Super Bowl by the Numbers: Is the Economist right or Rodney Barreto?

The Miami Herald reported that economist, Victor Matheson, said that a Super Bowl brings in less than $100, million into the economy of the host city:

His research shows that the Super Bowl's economic punch likely tops out at around $90 million, though it can dip lower for large tourist destinations like Miami that already enjoy busy winters. His research found that in 1999, South Florida's economy gained $36 million from hosting the Super Bowl.

In today's Miami Herald Rodney Barreto's numbers are very different. He claims the economic impact to Miami Dade would be $219,622, 875. Mr. Barreto, as Chairman for the Super Bowl Host Committee, is advocating for public dollars to refurbish Dolphin Land Shark Stadium so Miami can attract future Super Bowls.

In a Miami Herald editorial Sunday, they balked at Barreto's appeal for money, they said the stadium is not a priority:

"Maybe if South Florida's economy weren't struggling there would be a way."

"Where would the money for stadium renovations come from? The public treasury is tapped out, and enhancing a privately-owned stadium would set a bad precedent."

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