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Saturday, January 2, 2010

GreenPrint: The County is conducting a Sustainability Assessment

To begin the planning process, the first milestone is an effort to research and assess environmental, economic and social equity challenges within Miami-Dade County and to evaluate the programs currently in place to address these issues. The assessment is used to gather baseline data and to identify the challenges to be addressed in GreenPrint.

Here is a link to Miami-Dade County's Sustainability Assessment Report by area.

* Table of Contents
* Introduction
(Executive Summary, Government Structure,
County Demographics and Our Economy, and Overarching Indicators)
* Climate Change
* Energy - Electricity & Fuel
* Environment
* Government Operations
(Electricity, Fuel, Water, Procurement, Airport and Seaport)
* Health
* Housing
* Land Use
* Local Business & Industry
* Schools
* Solid Waste & Recycling
* Public Safety
* Transportation
* Water
* Appendices

This published assessment is not final; it is a living/working document. There will be gaps, unanswered questions and open issues. That's why we welcome you to provide comments and input for a 30-day period, from December 18, 2009 to January 18, 2010. Your comments are important for the plan's development.


  1. Parks of all descriptions need to be added to the list and to our environment......If Miami-Dade is destined to grow in population, we need to add parks in at least the same proportion as we now have.

    Steve Hagen

  2. Since my post, I have looked at the land use percentages and I find that lumping Parks, Conservation and Recreational land uses into one category does not present an accurate picture of our environment. We need seperate categories so the public will know the real truth about how litle accessable park space we have. Further "parks" need to be seperated into space
    allocated to active and passive uses. Remember also that in the City of Miami many parks are consumed by buildings and parking.