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Sunday, November 29, 2009

See Senator Graham Dec. 1st Talk About Making Government Work for You

Our former Senator and Governor, Bob Graham will be at the UEL Dinner Dec. 1st to discuss his book and answer your questions. His goal for his book - America, The Owner's Manual: Making Government Work for You - is to have students identify a problem, and then walk them through each step from researching the issue, to getting others involved, to engaging the media. Each chapter starts with a real case, showing citizens tackling a step in the process, and ends with a summary checklist and a series of questions that help students put Graham’s game plan in action. By offering students concrete guidance, an array of resources, and advice for troubleshooting and overcoming barriers, this compact user’s guide gets students way beyond textbook learning.

Come hear him/speak with him this Tuesday, December 1st at the UEL Dinner!

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