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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Passing the Buck is not helping the City of Miami.

With 4 historic openings on the City of Miami Commission (one filled with a swearing in of Carollo), the City is scrambling to fill the remaining 3 seats (one will be decided today with a run-off election).
The Miami Herald said today:
Unable to have a quorum with only two of five commissioners in place, Regalado has asked Crist to intercede and appoint a third commissioner -- which would save Miami hundreds of thousands of dollars for an off-year election.

Crist, however, isn't budging from the stance he took last week, saying there is nothing in Miami's charter that says he should step in.

Crist removed Spence -Jones, accused of stealing funds from a County Grant and Angel Gonzalez was required to resign because of a no-show job with a developer for his daughter.

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