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Friday, October 9, 2009

Virginia Key Master Plan Delayed Until May 2010.

The UEL led Virginia Key Planning Coalition scored a major though surprising victory on October 8 when the Miami City Commission voted 4 to 1 to delay a vote on the Master Plan for Virginia Key.

The UEL worked closely with a number of other organizations among them the Sierra Club, Dade Heritage Trust, Friends of Marine Stadium, the Virginia Key Park Trust, Tropical Audubon, Miami Neighborhoods United and Urban Paradise.  The effort built upon the successful design workshop held on September 26 which came up with a set of eight recommendations.

On October 5, the Waterfront Advisory Board voted unanimously in favor of the revised EDSA plan (with significant amendments proposed by the UEL). A subsequent meeting was held by Greg Bush and Ernie Martin with Comm. Sarnoff, the City manager and representatives from the mayor’s office on October 6. 

Additional efforts included meetings with representatives of the County Manager and Mayor’s office led by Blanca Mesa which included Becky Matkov, Caitlin McLaren, Greg Bush, and Hilario Candella. 

The outcome of the October 8 vote also included instructions to move forward with the landfill cleanup and bike trails on the north point area as soon as possible as well as serious attempts to continue funding for Virginia Key Beach Park in order for it to access the $15 million in county bond funding for a Civil Rights and Land Museum.  

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