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Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Urban Environment League Supported the Preservation of Hialeah Park

Hialeah Park was facing a development plan when activists got active. UEL Board Member Alex Fuentes and Hialeah residents, Milly Herrara and Janet Diaz took the lead fighting the mixed use development slated for Hialeah's jewel, the horse racing park famous for its flamingos. UEL President Nancy Liebman and other Board Members met with Hialeah Mayor Julio Robaina, stressing the historical significance of the park. The UEL also participated in rallies at the padlocked gates.

Mayor Robaina was given the UEL Orchid award that year for his effort to save the park.

Today, the Miami Herald reported the park is slated for a November reopening (there is a video at this link):

For eight long years, Hialeah Park was a historic landmark in hibernation -- its future in doubt, its famous Renaissance Revival architecture slowly fading away.

These days, Hialeah Park is busy. Busy, busy, busy.

Armed with its new quarter-horse permit -- and racing dates approved this week by the state -- Hialeah Park is gearing up for a Nov. 28 reopening.

The post card is from Don Boyd's collection of historical photos of Hialeah Park.


  1. As part of the Save Hialeah Park group and a Hialeah resident I'd like to thank the UEL for its support and advice along the way, particularly Nancy Liebman. We couldn't be more thrilled that our beloved park is coming out of hibernation!

    Hope to see everyone opening day!

    -Janet Diaz

  2. Janet, we added your name to the article...sorry we forgot to include you as you were so important to the cause.

  3. Milly Herrera, HialeahNovember 04, 2009

    The UEL is a friend to Hialeah Park and Nancy Liebman is an exceptional lady who I learned a lot from. I am looking forward to the gold ribbon cutting day and Hialeah reopening to the public.

  4. Nancy LiebmanNovember 05, 2009

    The Hialeah fight was one of my favorites - particularly the day we stood in front of the park waiving signs and encouraging people to honk their horns. It is only with this kind of community support that things start to happen.
    Now, it is my turn to thank everyone for their untiring efforts to return Hialeah Park to its rightful owners, the public. Alex Fernandez and Janet Diaz were undying defenders of bring back the Park. Let's not forget newly re-elected Hialeah Mayor Robina for his strong will in getting Hialeah Park open once again. We should all thank Park owner John Brunetti for doing what was right for that National Treasure, and wish him great success at the Park.