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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

UEL Member Has Book Release: "Sunshine, Stone Crabs and Cheesecake"

The History Press ( of Charleston announced that it’s newest book, SUNSHINE, STONE CRABS AND CHEESECAKE:  THE STORY OF MIAMI BEACH, written by noted Miami-area author and historian Seth H. Bramson, will be available for purchase beginning August 31st, 2009. With a full color cover, 160 pages and 199 photographs, SUNSHINE, STONE CRABS AND CHEESECAKE is only the fourth Miami Beach book ever written by somebody who grew up on, lived on, went to school on and worked on Miami Beach and is Bramson’s second dealing with his hometown. Unlike most books on the famous resort city, more than 90%of the photographs in SUNSHINE, STONE CRABS AND CHEESECAKE have never before been published and the information that Bramson brings forth for the first time on various individuals, events and places on Miami Beach will prove to be revelations to the serious local or American resort historian.


  1. Sounds interesting. Where can I get it and how much does it sell for?

  2. The link is HISTORY PRESS in the article.