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Monday, September 21, 2009

County Parks will Suffer with Budget Cuts.

Just when the County Parks are being used the most, their budgets have been cut. Yesterday we took pictures of picnics in Miami Dade County's Greynolds Park (from a distance so privacy was respected). Even though the day was muggy and stifling hot, every pavilion was full, hosting a party and the park was active with people everywhere. Children were gleefully jumping out of cars to join the picnics in process. There were people speaking German, Spanish and we even saw an extended family sporting Middle Eastern dress enjoying the park (second photo). People cannot afford expensive vacations so they are using the parks more. As you can see in the photos, these were not pictures of rented pavilions but just of family groups at tables.

As Barbara Falsey said in a previous post:

What everyone may not understand is that the proposed cuts to the Park and Recreation Budget will affect services in the short term and the sustainability of parks and recreation into the future.

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