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Monday, May 18, 2009

Welcome to UEL

Welcome to the Urban Environment League blog. We want to hear your issues. Let us start by giving you our Mission Statement:

The mission of the UEL is to support environmentally responsible development including protection of the waterfront, public places, and historic and natural areas in urban Miami-Dade county by using advocacy, action, education and engagement in governmental planning and political processes.

We see preserved natural resources, increased density in urban areas with sufficient existing infrastructure and along mass transportation corridors within the urban development boundary. We seek more greenways, water access, pedestrian friendly parks, improved historic neighborhoods and landmarks still recognizable and protected.

Our richly diverse communities have unique neighborhoods that should have South Florida-sensitive architecture and quality housing, affordable to all. Improved public communications will encourage a better educated citizenry and democratic processes which lead to greater political integrity practiced by accountable politicians who enforce zoning and building codes.

The UEL works with others to achieve our vision. We seek to engage the public - students and residents of all ages - in the hard yet rewarding work of seeing our landscape truly reflect the rich social diversity of our region within a context that is sensitive to our ecology and proactive about finding solutions to our problems.

The UEL has a proud 10-year history of involvement in important local issues - from preserving Virginia Key and Bicentennial Park from thoughtless development to leading the struggle to preserve the Urban Development Boundary Line by working with other local organizations in forging a new constituency that is sensitive to environmental and equity issues, housing, and overall better planning.

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