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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Truth About Florida SB360 Bill

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  1. Barry J. WhiteMay 27, 2009

    So developers, including the one who wrote SB360, Growth Management, say the bill will help stimulate our State economy. Two questions. When? To what end?

    In the current economic situation, which most informed observers believe will last four to five years, no one will be building just to sit with empty houses, apartments or office buildings until the recovery occurs. The developers' goal is land banking, pure and simple. Most of the "developers" have never built anything; they simply invest the money in land, lawyers and fees to get a favorable change in the master plan or zoning and later turn the property. The developers looking for help from SB360 are direct decedents of the swampland salesmen of a hundred years ago. It's all about the money.

    To what end do we encourage irrational and unregulated growth? We will only further endanger our water and natural resources, pave over more land for roads, pave over paradise so you will not be able to tell South Florida from Times Square. Economic growth is not an end in itself. Capitalism requires maintaining the quality of life for sustained growth for the future which assures the continuance of the unique and attractive nature of the area; you don't kill the Golden Goose. It is short sighted to take steps which supposedly will stimulate the current economy while not considering the long range effect of these measures and ignoring building codes and concurrency. And this bill relieves the developers from land use fees related to their projects which is a direct burden on the whole community since land use fees never cover the actual cost of bringing infrastructure to new areas; Miami-Dade County has not raised them in over fifteeen years. Local government will end up subsidizing developers; just ducky.

    These developers are taking advantage of us and of the panic related to 10% unemployment and the economic downturn to push through dangerous measures which they will not be around to regret. Many developers are non-resident carpetbaggers who care nothing for the havoc they create; there is no excuse for those who live here and advocate and participate in cannibalistic and economically suicidal behavior.

    This is the same mindless thinking that said "If we recognize and adjust for global warming, it will hurt the U.S. economy; never-mind that we will suffer from the effects of global warming and half of Florida will be under water within fifty years." Just do anything which supposedly will stimulate the economy; Rah! Rah! from The U.S. Chamber Of Commerce!

    If the Republicans succeed in pushing through this mindless legislation, they better get their resumes in order for new jobs after the next election. And Governor Crist can kiss the Senate goodbye; without a veto on SB360, his resume better be current also. No rational Democrat or Independent will vote for him if he cannot see through this selfish, Karl Rove-like Republican power play and their assault on the
    State Legislature this past session.

    Veto SB 360 Governor! And the other irrational bills before you also.