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Monday, February 28, 2011

LED Billboards -Take Action Before March 2nd Meeting

There is a special City of Miami Commission meeting scheduled at 8 am Wednesday March 2 at Miami City Hall to consider another settlement agreement to place a billboard in the Roads area of Miami in Comm. Frank Carollo’s district (District 3). The residents oppose the billboard as it will have a negative impact on their neighborhood. And, of course, it adds to the visual pollution overtaking our beautiful city. There is now a website set up on the issue:

if you click on and then the “take action” tab, you can send a message to all the Commissioners and their staff as well as the Mayor and the City Manager in opposition to the billboard --- with one click.

The special meeting is not a public hearing so emails and phone calls (see website) are your best bet in influencing the Commissioners. Some of us are planning on attending the meeting and your presence will be noted, but you probably will not be able to address the Commission.

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