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Friday, December 31, 2010

Lets guarantee the Historical Preservation of Hialeah Park. By Milly Herrera

If John Brunetti and the city of Hialeah are allowed to proceed with plans to mass develop Hialeah Park, putting hotel towers for close to 900 rooms, parking garages, a shopping mall (which would even allow supermarkets) inside Hialeah park, they are going to destroy this beautiful piece of land and divert business from other sectors of our city. There is little creativity for sustainable, on-going projects and events using the existing structures and land to provide a variety of different venues throughout the year that would guarantee Hialeah's financial stability; this is simply not on the agenda because the goal of these men is development of this land for their financial gain.

I hope people could know what is really happening - a few rich guys trying to get richer, taking away this "public land," a case of probable public corruption, and, ultimately, the destruction of Hialeah Park. Brunetti lost the license to race years prior to the end of his lease contract, which gave Hialeah first option to re-purchase the land, the transfer of land to Brunetti did not go through a voter referendum as outlined in the contract, and a political contributor to Julio Robaina's 2005 mayoral race was the one hired to demolish the historic stables. There have also been multiple and different attempts to develop the land in the last few years.

The Miami Herald should do an in-depth investigation and report the other side of this story to help inform the public.

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  1. Millie,
    It is sad how Corporations and political corrupness have outweighted the historic value of ones society. Unfortunately we will now see Hialeah go to absolute crap due to the negative influence and greed of certain politicians. How sad. Those Historic Stables as you mentioned were all constucted of DADE COUNTY PINE. Impervious to bugs and as solid as concrete.
    We can thank our current Mayor for the destruction of HIaleah.
    The only difference between Julio Robaina and Fidel Castro is that Fidel admits that he is a communist Dictator.