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Friday, July 23, 2010

Virginia Key Master Plan gets a favorable unanimous vote from the City of Miami Commission. By Jennifer Garcia

Yesterday was a very special day for Virginia Key. More than 10 civic and environmental groups created one realistic and environmentally conscious master plan over a span of only eight months and was presented to the City of Miami‘s Commissioners, where it was unanimously approved.

How we all were able to work together and form one coalition is incredible! It truly shows how one common interest is enough to set aside all of our personal issues and just work as one.

When I first began to get involved with the issues of Virginia Key I was very optimistic, I thought EDSA was going to listen to us and incorporate our ideas into their master plan. I was a junior in high school; I was not familiar with public planning, master plans, civic groups and politics. I am blessed they actually did not listen and I was able to learn throughout these four years more than I ever expected and would ever learn at school. The main reason I am even an environmental studies major today always begins with my passion for Virginia Key. I am so grateful for the hard work that everyone has put in, especially Professor Jorge Hernandez, Architect Hilario Candela, University of Miami School Of Architecture Students, and fellow UEL Board Member Dr. Gregory Bush.

We are one step closer my friends and I hope we continue to work together for that one common goal.

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