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Monday, December 14, 2009

Dinner to Honor William Cary, Head of the Department of Preservation of Miami Beach

A group of Miami Beach preservationists have organized a dinner to honor William Cary to be held on January 19. Details are in the invitation below. Please join us!

William's most recent significant accomplishment is providing leadership for the recently approved Morris Lapidus Historic District, which includes the Fontainebleau and Eden Roc Hotels. The story needs to be told:without William's dedication, persistence, and courage, these iconic landmarks would have been demolished or severely altered.

Since William's arrival in Miami Beach, he has definitely been the most important "preservationist" in town. Through his efforts-and the efforts of the members of the very excellent Planning Department of Miami Beach, such as Jorge Gomez, Tom Mooney, Joyce Meyers, Deborah Tackett, Katia Hirsh and Gary Held, numerous other historic districts such as the North Shore Resort District, the Collins Avenue Waterfront District have been created.

Most recently, the City of Miami Beach Planning Department got approval for two new Federal Register Historic Districts-the North Shore Historic District and Normandy Isles Historic District. These districts, which are both in North Beach, predominantly feature MiMo residential architecture. The Districts collectively include 676 structures, and rival in size the Deco District of South Beach.

It is sometimes easy to criticize government. But when good things are done by hard working people, we should recognize that. Please join us to celebrate William's outstanding achievements.

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  1. William has done an amazing job. We should support civic officials like him.