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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Resolution on FPL Power Lines on US1

Proposed 80' tall power lines along US1, image courtesy of FPL.

A Resolution of the Urban Environmental League in opposition to FP&L‘s proposal to utilize above ground transmission lines for power produced at the expanded Turkey Point Nuclear plant.

WHEREAS: FPL is currently expanding its nuclear generator facility located at Turkey Point in south Miami Dade County and,

WHEREAS: the people of Miami Dade County will assume any environmental risk for this expansion for future generations and,

WHEREAS: all the rate payers of FPL’s system are absorbing the construction cost of this plant currently in their monthly bills and,

WHEREAS: the increase in capacity from the plant expansion far exceeds the future needs of Miami Dade County and therefore will make available substantial power to be sold to FPL’s customers outside Miami Dade County and throughout the power grid of the entire United States and,

WHEREAS: FPL has taken the position that these transmission lines are only feasible above ground and located along US1 through the unincorporated area, the Village of Pinecrest, South Miami, Cutler Bay, Coral Gables and Palmetto Bay and,

WHEREAS: the cost of said line being placed below ground is alleged to be $18 million per mile which is a larger amount than the cost of above ground placement and,

WHEREAS: FPL has shown no credible proof of this cost differential and,

WHEREAS: FPL has stated that the required cost for the line to be placed below ground must be paid by either rate payers of Miami Dade County and/or the impacted municipalities regardless of the fact that the power transmitted will be sold through FPL’s entire system and outside that system, and,

WHEREAS: all the impacted communities have committed to make the areas along US1 livable public spaces and have adopted various plans and other actions to achieve this goal and the installation of above ground lines will be disastrous to these investments

Now, therefore it is resolved that,

1) the Urban Environmental League opposes the above ground lines on the basis of equity to the rate payers of Miami Dade County and requests the Public Service Commission and the Cabinet to address the equity issue and requests the true cost of underground to be borne by all the users of the power

2) requests the Miami Dade Board of County Commissioners with the impacted municipalities to join in opposition to the above ground transmission lines including litigation if necessary and,

3) requests the Board of County Commissioners to investigate the possibility of building its own underground transmission line and charging FPL a fee for its use which covers the capital and operational cost with a rate of return equal each year to the rate of return allowed to FPL by the Public Service Commission with any surplus revenues generated by the County Commission to be used for under grounding power lines throughout Miami Dade County.


  1. I love this idea! Usually when I read a resolution, I skip down to the "Let it be Resolved" section (just to see what they really want), but in this case I learned some surprising stuff about FPL -- like how they exaggerate the real cost of underground transmissions -- and the fact that we in Miami-Dade are going to pay for the cost of FPL selling their added capacity on the grid. A for profit organization of the finest order!